How to Plan This Weeks Outfits

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Okay a new week is upon us, but the thought of planning your weekly wardrobe doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. (or expensive)   We just received some great tops that are simple, yet they are just what's needed to spruce up your look. Doesn't everyone have the same pair of dress pants, for what maybe two, three years? (maybe more...) hanging in your closet that are your "go-to" pants?   

But why not use them to make different outfits? What if $23.00 could give you a new look? 

Well, it can!  Check out these New Dolman tops we just received.

Yes, they're a bit different, they have a V-Neck.

But no worries, it's not a plunging neckline.  These are just right.  And they feel, so right.  Almost too comfortable for work.

But let's not get too carried away.  These are just right for work.   Available in Small, Medium & Large.  At only $23.00 you might just need all three. neutral colors. Tan and Ivory and maybe Heather Grey for Casual Fridays?

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