FALL Back in Love with Your Wardrobe

The chill is setting in, those hot, humid days are now just a memory.  We knew it would come, and even though it seems like it has come late, it's here. Brrr...

Whether you yearn for those sunny beach days, or welcome the crisp fall air, it's time to dig out all of those containers of last years clothes.

You may look at them and sigh, and think you have no budget for a new Fall/Winter wardrobe.

 Let's face it...who wouldn't want to be able to just buy a new closet full of fashion every season? 

But most of us know it's just not practical, but no worries...you can give new life to those items you've been hanging on to for the last couple of years. 

Why not re-create a new look from that skirt you've had for three years? That favorite pair of jeans that are "worn-in"  just perfect?  Or those office dress pants that fit "just right?"  After all they're still in good shape, you're just a bit tired of looking at them. Well, grab them and make your way to The Hope Chest.

We've expanded our selection of clothing and would love to be your Personal Stylist.  I have always felt fashion doesn't have to be expensive to look great.     It's all about being creative, while still expressing your own sense of style.

One of the best feelings for me, is when someone comes in, and walks out feeling confident and beautiful. It's really is, what fashion should be about. We're not meant to be the cookie cutter image of the latest Fashion Magazine, although the thought may have crossed our mind (and left just as fast)

We all need to be comfortable in who we are, and maybe just add a touch of the latest trend.

Stop in, and bring that bag of hopeful clothing and look around. Sometimes, it's just as simple of adding a new accessory. Or, better yet, call ahead and I'd be happy to set up a time to work with you and your "last year's clothing items" on an individual basis.

Always remember..."If You Are Confident, You Are Beautiful!"


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