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The most important Fashion Rule?
Is fashion has no rules. 

There was a time when your shoes had to match your handbag,
a belt also had to be the same shade,
you only wore certain colors certain times of the year. 
Well, all of that has changed.
And it's not only changed, it's trending to mix it up.

Have you been wanting to step outside your fashion comfort zone,
but not sure where to start?
Just add a pop of color to your outfit.  I hear a lot of people say,
  their clothes are neutral colors and feeling a bit bored with
what's hanging in their closet, but their just not quite comfortable stepping out in a painters palette of colors.

This can be as simple as adding a colorful statement necklace or
a floral chiffon scarf.
That bright yellow handbag you've had your eye on that doesn't match anything in your wardrobe? Get it!  

You just might be surprised how easily the next step in your fashion journey might be.
It's fashion, it should be fun, let's not take it too serious. 

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  • Carol Ann Wentzell on

    I am a classic look lady. Timeless fashion more than trendy looks

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