It's Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather!

There's a crisp chill in the air, and the smell of pumpkin spice and apples seems to be in everything from coffee, baked goods, and candles.

The leaves are getting crunchy and turning into a beautiful array of colors. Along with all of these fall reminders comes sweater weather.  

 Many may be trying to hold onto summer a bit longer, but quite a few, including myself, are welcoming the change of season. At The Hope Chest, we have so many soft, high-quality sweaters and cardigans this year.

Going out for a brisk walk to pick the perfect apples for your delicious pie?  Stay warm, comfy, and fashionable in one of our sweaters or cardi's this season.

Classic cardigans are always in fashion!  Always in style. One of my favorites is an ecru sweater with statement cable-knit sleeves. A perfect example of a timeless fashion top just updated a bit for the trending fashion style.

If you could please leave a comment on your favorite style from our website, that would be great. We are always interested in what our customers' style preference is.

What I like about the shades of ivory, ecru, and tan is, they are so versatile. I love pairing other colors with them. This time of year, rusts, golden yellows and browns are perfect. Burgundy and deep hunter greens will pair nicely into the holiday season. Can you believe the holiday season is just around the corner?  

   I always believe in wearing fashion items in different ways to achieve different looks.  After all, you're investing in an article of clothing, why not make it versatile? The important thing is, you feel comfortable and confident in what you choose to wear. As I always say, "If you are confident, you are beautiful.".

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    I am looking to buy something for Lynette Newkirk.

    I know she purchases so much from your store so I’m hesitant to possibly purchase something she may already have purchased.

    We already gave her gift certificates so I would really like to not repeat that.

    Any help you could give me would be appreciated.


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