Wear Kind Vibes

What We're All About

At Wear Kind Vibes, we're always looking for more ways to spread kindness.
To take note of small things that bring joy.
It could be a phrase on a shirt or jewelry with inspirational words.
When you wear items expressing happy, inspirational and just plain “feel good” words,
it makes you feel good.
What a simple way to make yourself feel good inside.
And the best part is, whoever else reads them can have that same feeling,
just by the vibes, you’re putting out by wearing them.
We are happy to share with you items from Fair Trade Collections, also.
The talent, and the hard work that goes into each item that is handcrafted,
and thankful to know that by purchasing these items it is supporting low-income
artisans move towards self-sufficiency.
And promotes sustainability on all levels and creates opportunities to alleviate poverty.
The artisans receive fair wages, education, financial and technical assistance, and have safe working conditions.
So, this online boutique supports spreading kindness, giving back and feeling good on the inside too!
Check out our website: wearkindvibes.com
Wearing words of kindness, not only elevates your own sense of well being, they reflect onto those reading it...
always keep your vibes kind
We humbly say, “Thank You” to everyone for your support of our Wear Kind Vibes.
Sharing Kind Vibes,